Mar 17, 2010


by Vincent Daemon


Dexi was indeed on a mission.

She stormed into the apartment living room, neck lowered, shoulders hunched, eyes up. Her blond and black locks fell over her face like muti-colored strands of matted silk. Rosy red cheeks burnt bright on her pale complexion, and her icy eyes projected pinpoint icicle shards that seemed to puncture everything in her path.

She marched right up to Raymondo, who was sleeping on the couch with his sister Angel and Chelsea.

“GET UP,” she commanded of Raymondo while kicking his shin.

He jumped up. “What, what’s wrong?”

“Come with me NOW.”

Grabbing his arm she pulled him into the hall of level fifteen and slammed the door shut behind her. She was so focused on the task at hand that she was oblivious to the stench of decaying bodies that wafted from other corpse-laden apartments on the floor.

She even caught Chas sneaking onto the floor from the stairwell door. As he brushed past her she could not even notice his awful body odor of unwashed ass and crusty cum and drug sweat that was just as foul as the corpse-rot and the red wigglers that clogged the plumbing.

Acting as though everything was kosher, Chas tried to exchange faux pleasantries. When he inquired about what they were doing she replied with “AIN’T NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!”

Chas mumbled “bitch” under his breath and went into the apartment.

Out in the hall, just Raymondo and Dexi. It took Raymondo a second to figure out just what the hell was going on. He looked at her psycho-sexy face and the curved, lithe serpentine body to which it was attached. Dexi dropped to her knees, ripped his wrinkled blue jeans down, and began to fellate him until he was at full attention.

“Oh...” was his only response in his state of blissful shock. At this point, he was powerless to her wicked nymphet way.

She then forced him down, pulling off his shirt, then hers. She tore at her fishnets like some wild animal and climbed onto his face, angrily whispering “DO NOT make me regret this!”

His vigorous lapping tongue was locked inside of her, his skull viced between her thighs. She had become completely out of control, moaning loudly and pushing the weight of her body down against his face, virtually smothering him in the process.

Even with all that force he could still fully swab her with his wildly salivating tongue, relishing the naturally perfect flavors of her female anatomy.

Finally she slid down, her warm bare chest against his warm bare chest, their hearts thumping hard in unison.

They looked into each others eyes, communicating wordless, the soul saying everything.

She slid down onto him, going lip to lip, their tongues attacking each other in frenzy. They bucked hard against each other, sweaty chests aiding them in bucking harder, trying to break each others hips while screwing, lips perpetually locked.

Dexi grabbed his black leather belt from his discarded jeans, placing it around her neck and pulling hard. The lack of oxygen added to the intensity of her overstimulated clit. She handed the end of the belt to Raymondo, and he knew what to do.

She began to cum. Hard. Her vagina tightening around his manhood like a boa constrictor. He thought for a moment that it might break right off inside her but as he also began to cum, he really did not care.

They both began to moan and yell in their simultaneous, H-bomb orgasm.

She continued to kiss him deep, from lust to passion. From repressed, to relaxed. She loved tasting her drying self on his scruff.

They lay together in silence, enjoying the not-so-gentle throb of release of this unexpected euphoric moment of desire and gratification, their bodies completely relaxed. For this solitary moment, everything was OK.

Raymond reached over and pulled two smokes from his jeans. He lit them both, and handed one to Dexi as she lay flat on the hall floor, still partially wrapped around him.

They inhaled, exhaled, looked at each other, and laughed.

Tomorrow we pause to reflect on

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