Mar 23, 2010


by Vincent Daemon


The fresh death and spilt bowel of Chas’ belly was beginning to wrench the red wigglers from the pipes and over to the new flesh-feast fuck bag. A sheet lay over his body, and was already sinking gore-heavy into the vaginal slash in his chest.

Dexi grabbed a crusty, grease slathered old dishtowel from the oven handle and tried to wipe away the blood from her face. Instead, she ended up smearing bits of old food, blood, and grease into one semi-congealed mass on her face. Frustration brewed deep within her, but she felt more lucid, more awake than she had in quite some time. She really wanted a shower.

She looked around the silent room, then spoke. “We can’t stay here.”

Angel, panic-attacking, replied. “Well, where are we supposed to go? I mean, we can’t go outside, can’t go to the other floors. You saw what it was like!”

“Look,” Dexi pointed to the wall by the covered window in the kitchen. “Do you see that crack? That is structural damage. The building is being crushed slowly from the outside. We can’t stay here. No plumbing, worms everywhere, no water, heat or food. We have to go.”

They stood in silence for a moment, each soaking in the reality of the situation for what it was: do or die.

“Gas masks; I know there are guns in Chas’s room--we’ll have to get in there. Then I guess we’ll make a break for it.”

“And what about Ward? Is he really in any condition to be coming with us?” asked Chelsea.

“I’m going to talk to him about that now. I guess just get together what you can.”

As they began to scramble and round up the proper necessities, Dexi felt a clinging to the back of her leg. It was Anna looking pale, tired, and a bit frightened. She looked up at Dexi, her gas mask already too large on her little head. She looked up through the thick goggle eyes and asked Dexi “Did it feel good to kill Chas?”

It was that instant when Dexi understood too many things, an astonishingly unexpected moment of clarity welling up on her behalf.

She understood why parents sometimes lie to their children.

It’s because they have to.

“No, Anna, it did not feel good. That was not the right way to do things.” She did not believe her own words and knew that, yes, in that moment, that it sure as hell was the right thing.

As Dexi thought about it, her own loose plan began to worry her. For the safety of the child, herself, and all involved. It was risky, and a venture into the unknown, whatever those dark corridors down to the bottom had in store, lurking in the shadows.

But, there really was no other choice. There would be rats, plants, lower life forms, poison, and bacteria no matter where they would go.

Dexi looked down at Anna.

It now seemed like everything had the urge to kill.

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