Feb 28, 2010

:message from the editors:

The nanofleet have reported back that in their extensive and ongoing studies, they've found the letters of all races to have grown (and shed) many skins. We at the Freezine are dedicated to a clearly nebulous field of starstruck wonder, and beholden to a legacy of strange tales that range from noir to horror, guided by mystery, and pointed directly toward a future aimed at by science. One common element these speculative exercises share, is that they are all fantasy.

Branded under the term fiction, all the stories being archived in the Freezine represent a broad spectrum of styles, covering a wide variety of terrain in the post-genre landscape. Another common element these stories share, is they are the written products of different individual's uncensored expressions. The value lies in considering each author's unique perspective. The least we, the editors of the Freezine of Fantasy and Science Fiction can do, is allow these authors their own voice.

The Freezine stands vigilant at the fringes of what is considered to be free speech, facing outward to protect its writers from forces that might otherwise render them silent. The comments section have been opened for all to utilize, either openly under their web-ID, or anonymously, as the case may be.

The editors encourage efforts at taking the initiative to communicate, being painfully aware that the garden of evil grown from the soil of the schisms forged long ago by communication breakdowns remains the paramount problem facing us today. How to best tackle this beast? Please leave a comment, to say the least.


  1. Okay, you've got my interest.:) I'm ready to see what happens next.

  2. Thanks, Saranna. I have to mention that, there's been a ripple along the temporal axis here, and your comment, originally intended for Chapt. 1: BLACK PLANET, has since been copied and pasted over to its appropriate, March 1st posting, there. Thus the echo of your original comment lingers here, draped appropriately over this :message from the editors:. May I take this moment to thank you for your involvement with the Freezine. The Ides of March are upon us, and Chapter 9 must be readied for its delivery to a duly warned audience.

  3. The Nanofleet encourages both aspiring and established writers to submit their short stories (or longer works) to be considered for publication (or daily serialization) in future issues of the FREEZINE of Fantasy and Science Fiction, to


    Thank you for your part in supporting genre fiction.